Tracking down leafcutter ants: Mission impossible?

Formigas fazendeiras são legais!


small leafcutters

You’re in the rainforest. Its 30 degrees plus hot and humid, you’re sweating from every pore, and you have a very specific goal: to find leafcutter ants. On first appearances this seems a lot like finding a needle in a haystack…

Before you head out you need to grab a selection of digging tools (unexpected use for a dessert spoon), something to cut with (large branches to thread-like roots), containers of different shapes and sizes, and a medley of problem-solving tools (forceps, tape, bin bags…). Plus a good supply of water, long sleeves, wellies, and don’t forget the bug spray – everything that can bite you, will.

And then you’re off.

The basic strategy is ‘search for small moving things, carrying pieces of leaf-litter’: yep, that’s right, you’re looking for leaves among leaf litter on the forest floor.
I imagine it’s a bit like tracking a bear (I’ve never done…

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