Created in November 2012, the Curioso Realista is not a place for certainty, because this conforms us and keeps us so static. That’s a ground dedicated to the doubt since it’s master of the dynamics of knowledge. I always saw the learning as the more magnificent experience that life can offer us. The enjoyment of discovery is proportional to the size of discovery itself. For this reason I chose an academic career, that dedicated to science. While we investigate, discovered, get impressed with the discovery, immerse ourselves deeper into the research and know well the intimacy of the investigated object, then we exercise science. However, that’s a selfish enjoyment. To me, it has always been a fascinating experience to learn even what others already known for ages. The lesson I took was: sharing is much more rewarding than investigate and find out for ourselves. When disclosed, we practice true science rather than exercise, that open to criticism by peers and subject to suitable public judgment. Here, we discuss science, philosophy, politics and art. My background comes from an area that for years has discussed internally its role as a science, art or technology. I’m nurse and believe that nursing is a bridge between the life sciences and social sciences. My field of expertise is microbiology, the study of extremely small, and my work tools are biochemistry and molecular biology. I hope this space can serve the purpose of sharing the most relevant discussions we are experiencing within the proposed fields, as well as those that remain unresolved. To readers of this blog, welcome to address of the Curioso Realista. For those who want read the blog content without browser’s translator, we have a menu “English Content.” Unfortunately, some texts are available only in Portuguese.

Read, comment and share.

Seeing the world from a natural perspective is much more interesting! Enjoy.



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